A simple Program designed to fit your (money) life.

Risk free. Cancel anytime. No surprises.

One time setup fee*
On-going support
Did you know? The average cost of a traditional financial plan is $1,900.**

Getting started with your Planner

Easily (and safely) get your Planner up to speed on your financial vitals using the Smart Profile.
Discuss your unique money goals and habits with your Planner.
Get your customized Program that provides a 360° view of your money life.
View a sample
Exhale and follow your step-by-step instructions to start making progress.

On-going monthly support

Bite-sized to-dos to help you make progress on your Program
Your dedicated Planner is just an email away to help answer your questions
Tools, articles, classes and online events on the "why" and "how" behind our advice
**Source: The College of Fin. Planning 2011 Survey Trends

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is LearnVest for everyone?

    LearnVest offers customized programs, so it can be a good option for many people. But there are a few circumstances under which our services are unavailable or not an ideal fit. These include:

    • If you reside outside of the United States
    • If you are seeking advice relating to assets or accounts outside of the U.S.
    • If you are self-employed and seeking business advice (although we can certainly still help with your personal finances!)
    • If you are in collections and/or your minimum credit card payments exceed your income
    • If you are in bankruptcy or considering bankruptcy
    • If you have no household income
    • If you are trying to “beat the market”
    • If you are seeking a service provider to manage your money or take assets under management

    There are exceptions to some of these circumstances, so please contact us if you have any questions! And you can always use our free tools until you are in a position to benefit from our services.

  • What if I don't know anything about personal finance?

    LearnVest can be a good option for novices because we offer different programs tailored to your unique circumstances. Whether you're just launching your career, or perhaps taking over the family finances for the first time, our Planners will help you start making financial progress with simple, achievable steps that don't feel overwhelming.

  • Can this work for couples and families?

    Absolutely! Relationships add further complexity to financial planning—as do family-oriented goals like saving for your kids’ college education. Sometimes it takes the help of a professional to get you and your partner on the same financial page and working toward your goals efficiently. Your LearnVest program can be based on your financial information only, or you can add your partner’s information for no additional charge.

  • What if I'm international?

    That depends. If you're a non-US citizen with permanent resident status or a current immigrant or non-immigrant visa holder who resides in the US and are seeking advice on US-based accounts, we can likely help you. Our Planners can advise you on things like budgeting and saving. We won't be able to advise you on any accounts in your home country.

  • Why do I need a professional? Can't I figure this out on my own?

    There’s a lot that contributes to your overall financial wellness. Put simply, it’s complicated. We think that professional guidance is the best way to make progress on your goals. If you have a background in financial planning, you may be all set. But if you have questions about paying off debt, making decisions about retirement, saving for major purchases, strategies for putting a plan into action, or anything else related to your financial well-being, you’re in the right place!

  • Will LearnVest hold any of my funds or place any trades for me?

    At LearnVest, we do not manage assets, place trades for our clients, or make specific investment recommendations. Our philosophy on investing is driven by low-fee, passive investments and the focus of the Program is around education supported by our premium resources like LearnVest classes and articles. Additionally, we'll work with you to determine how much you should contribute to your investment accounts (like retirement) and provide asset allocation recommendations based on your time horizon, objectives, and personal risk tolerance.

  • How do LearnVest's fees compare with other fee-only Planners?

    According to the College of Financial Planning, the industry's average financial plan costs $1,900.* Our prices are a fraction of the cost, and you still get access to a professional.

    We are able to deliver high-quality financial planning for less due to three primary factors. First, your Planner connects with you via email and phone, so we don't have the same overhead associated with brick and mortar operations. Second, you do some of the legwork. By providing us with all your data and account information before your first working session, we can get to know you right away. And finally, we have the LearnVest progress board, which links all your accounts and allows you and your Planner to see what’s going on in real time. Instead of spending time trying to figure out what’s just changed, your Planner can focus on what you should consider doing next.

    *College for Financial Planning, 2011 Survey of Trends in the Financial Planning Industry

  • How is LearnVest different from other financial websites?

    Most financial websites give you tools that help you see your financial past. LearnVest focuses on your present and your future. Using a combination of proprietary software and a real human Planner, we give you a personalized plan plus ongoing support to help you make progress on your money.

  • Do I get to work with the same Planner every time?

    You sure do! That’s part of the deal. Your Planner will get to know your unique circumstances, goals, and personality, which will help them create the best plan for you. They will also help you recalibrate your plan as changes in your life occur.

  • Can I work with a Planner near me?

    In order to help keep our prices low, we do all our consulting via phone and email, so there aren’t any in-person appointments. But we will go out of our way to accommodate your preference for appointment times, including evenings and weekends.

  • When do I get billed?

    You'll be charged each month on the date that you originally purchase a premium membership. If a month doesn't have that particular date (say the 30th or the 31st), you'll be charged on the last date of that month. For example, if you signed up on January 31, you would be charged on: January 31, February 28 (or 29 on a leap year), March 31, April 30, and so on.

  • Can I cancel my subscription?

    Yes. We recommend subscribers work with their Planner for at least 6 months to understand the value of their program. Making progress on your money is a process. And as your circumstances and goals change, your plan can change with you. However, you can absolutely cancel at any time. Upon cancellation, you will still have access to your Planner and your premium LearnVest account until the end of the 30-day period, and you will not be charged during the next billing period. There are no partial month refunds.

    If there is something specific we can help you with, please shoot us an email or give our Dedicated Support Team a quick call at (866) 413-7883.

  • Is LearnVest secure?
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