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Car Insurance Across the Country: Where Drivers Are Hit Hardest

New data reveals some states charge premiums that are more than twice the national average! Is yours one of them?

Privacy & Life Insurance Premiums: Would You Trade Your Personal Data for a Discount?

John Hancock will soon offer reduced premiums to those who'll share their medical details. Will other companies follow suit?

Car Insurance Rate Crunch: Why Singles Are Being Singled Out

New data reveals this demo has to shell out over 20% more for their coverage. Can you guess why?

13 Things That May Make Life Insurance More Costly

What's driving up the cost of your life insurance? Here are some top offenders—and habits you can change that may help you save.

The Latest Car Insurance Trend: Pay As You Drive

Forget the Geico gecko. The new "it" way to snag discounts is to install a device that tracks your every move behind the wheel.

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Long-Term Care Insurance 101

Here's what you need to know to avoid being a burden on your family if you wind up needing a nursing home.

Life Insurance 101

You may not have reason to think about this insurance often (or want to think about it often), but it could be the most important kind you get.

Health Insurance 101

We may find health insurance a hassle, but it is one of our most important financial safety nets. Learn why it’s important and how it works.



Checklist: 5 Things to School Yourself On Before You Shop for Life Insurance

For many, it's up there with doing taxes. But getting a policy really isn't that onerous—especially if you review these to-dos.

I Want to Get Life Insurance

If you don't have life insurance yet, or your coverage through work in inadequate, you've come to the right place.

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